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I have always loved music and art - and now I combine them!


As a child, I doodled and sketched my way through math and geography, only really showing an interest when there was something visual to paint. Somewhere along the way I began to focus on the piano, and my art soul expanded into the musical realm, setting aside any focused "art". In the mid 90's I learned how to quilt. What a revelation! It was as if all the various crafts I'd dabbled in over the years coalesced into one. One that was all about fabric, color, design, and of course, underneath it all, MUSIC.
My adventure in quilting began before 2000 when I was hired to hand quilt a top that a family had kept in storage for years. Word got around, and I continued to sporadically quilt by hand for people, but the internet was beginning to give me peeks into the world of Art Quilting. I became aware of the multitude of tools and materials that were readily available through internet ordering.

I began to incorporate more media experimentation into my life, allowing my piano teaching studio to take a lesser place in the big picture, now maintaining a small studio of less than a dozen students per week.

In the process, I have begun to see that creativity isn't bound by rules. Most people define themselves as one thing or another. How do YOU answer the question "What do you do?" Perhaps you, like me, say "I am a quilter". "I am a pianist". "I am a teacher". The reality is that every human being has incredible potential for a variety of creative activities/abilities, and I'm becoming more and more uncomfortable with having a title or description that might empower limitations on what I do!

What do I do? I'm a returned college student majoring in art/painting, and have nearly set aside the textile arts, at least for the moment! I have 2 rooms in my home that are reserved for airbnb visitors to Charleston, and am on the verge of being a foster parent for dogs/cats needing a new home.