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Lisa Cousineau

Cindy! There is a first time for everything! I wanted to tell you that I got your ATC called "Perfectly Pink" at the IQF in Chicago this past weekend :-) I LOVE it, it immediately caught my eye. I just wish I had made and brought more ATC's to trade because there were so many more I wanted, lol. Thank you bringing it and offering it to trade. I will cherish it.

I also made "business cards" with my name/blog name on it to give away. They are just ATC sized instead of business card sized but I may have to try making smaller ones like you did. Fantastic idea!


Lisa - that's so great! I've contacted all the makers of cards I acquired at the festival and am so happy to hear from someone who got one of mine. Thanks for getting in touch!

Lisa Cousineau

Sorry Cindy, you know you make a typo ONCE and it "remembers" it every time I make a comment on typepad! Hopefully this link will work, I'll fix the typo.

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